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Objective: students will reinforce course content while strengthening their writing and

research skills.

Topic: This assignment will focus on the following:

  • § Special Interest Groups

Assignment: Students will write an essay that MUST focus on the following:

  • § Description of special interest groups – what exactly are they?
  • § What role do they play in the political process?
  • § Identify and describe one conservative and one liberal special interest group
  • § KEY PART OF THE ASSIGNMENT Do you feel that these groups help or hurt the democratic process in America? (2 pages minimum)

Requirements: the following are requirements for the paper:

  • § all papers must use the MLA format (see my OWL for help)
  • § 4 - 6 pages long (double-spaced, font 12, Times New Roman with standard margins)
  • § must have an introduction, body, and conclusion
    • o Please underline your thesis in the introduction.
  • § a properly formatted works cited page (not to be included in your page count)
  • § all sources on works cited page must be properly cited in paper using in-text citations (no minimum; cite whatever you use)

Grade: This assignment will be worth 100 points towards your quarter grade.

  • Ø NOTE: a rubric will be provided in advance to explain how the assessment

will be graded.

Due Date: The paper is due on Thursday December 18th, 2014

  • § Late papers will have 10 points subtracted for each day late
  • § Any rough drafts must be handed in (HARD COPY) by Wednesday December 11th – NO EXCEPTIONS !!