Political Interest Groups - Which one for you?

Assignment: You must "join" one of the following interest groups by posting a message in the DISCUSSION Board on page
  • Your post must include the following:
    • what is the issue the group you selected focuses on?
    • what did you learn about the interest group?
    • why did you join this group?

2. Amensty International
3. Rock the Vote
5. World Wildlife Fund
6. Planned Parethood
7. National Coalition for the Homeless
8. Violence Policy Center
9. Action on Smoking and Health
10. American Civil Rights Institute
11. National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
12. Pro-Life
13. Greenpeace
14. Gun Control
16. Friends of Tobacco
17. American Medical Association
18. Mary Jane Project
19. National Abortion Rights League
20. Euthansia
21. NRA
22. American Rivers
23. National Right to Life