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In order to graduate, all Upper Dublin seniors must complete and pass the UD Senior Culminating Project.
  • It is a twofold project (research paper and oral presentation).
    • The research paper is worth 75% of the total grade, while the oral presentation accounts for the remaining 25% of the culminating project grade.
    • Both portions of the project must be completed in order to graduate.

  • This webpage will serve as a source of information for the assignment - CLICK on the buttons below
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What is due?

Description of...
Friday January 3rd
Topic Approval Form
You must have your topic selected and
approval form signed today

Friday January 10th
Thesis Statement
A well written thesis statement must
be submitted and approved today.

Friday February 7th
1st Rough Copy
1st Rough Copy includes:
  • introduction paragraph and past
  • minimum of 3 pages
  • minimum of 3 sources
Friday February 21st
Last Day to Change Topic
ABSOLUTE last possible date to
change the topic of your paper!

Friday March 7th
2nd Rough Copy
2nd Rough Copy includes:
  • intro, past and present
  • minimum of 6 pages
  • minimum of 6 sources
Friday April 4th
3rd Rough Copy
3rd Rough Copy includes:
  • intro, past, present, future
  • minimum of 10 pages
  • minimum of 10 sources
Friday 25th
Final Copy
In a sealed envelopes, each student
must hand in:
  1. The Final Paper and all drafts
  2. also SUBMIT paper to